Samanusha comes with a style and a trend that not only supports organic sustainable products but with an idea that has a flavor. This flavor introduces and follows the pure playfulness of a girl or boy in an adult person, allowing ones imagination to reopen again as a child. It is the hope of Samanusha to provide, through clothing, a deeper thought of self-examination, observation and soul-searching that reminds us to reconnect to our child-like that has somewhat been lost to the “economical stretch” of a fast paced world. We bring forth Samanusha to widen the doors of reflection. Hence, we offer a multiple trend for fashion with fun colors and prints, while still embracing organic fabrics in the simplicity and authentic thought for a better planet.

It is our desire to bring organic clothing, not just for the environment but also the safety of our employees. Our "American Label" reflects on our thoughts of bringing work back to our country, while offering labor that is designed to be not only fun for our employees but also safe, while indulging in being a green company for the sake of the planet.

Samanuscha was discovered when fashion designer Azadeh (Uscha) and Saman clicked their creative minds and decided to collaborate on a joint venture of alternative fashion.

The unique concept of this label is based on the collective experiences of Azadeh and Saman's cultural research from around the world.The social, political, philosophical and of course fashion studies of Saman and Uscha are finally combined and expressed into this rare clothing line. Samanuscha tries to present its own progressive and thought provoking ideas molded in form of an intellectual, humorous, freaky and stylish modern wear.

Azadeh Taj has worked and studied in London, Frankfurt and Oslo while completing a fashion design and marketing degree from ESMOD Berlin, graduating in 2009. After working and gaining professional experiences in different design studios such as John Richmond in London she decided to establish Samanuscha in the United States.